With Me, You Should Bear

When I started furklempt, I had a mind that it should be mostly photos with some commentary. Because I take a freaking ton of critterpics.

It turned into a place to dump the crazy, punctuated with the occasional photo. Which is cool. We all need crazy storage. But in an attempt to not be a total luddite, I’ve decided to add the critters to Instagram (which makes sense) and also Twitter (which makes less sense but suits me.) To that end, I am working on widgets and badges and sidebars, and oh, sure, I should also get around to updating the general aesthetic of this place and also shove a broom up my ass and I will sweep the floor.

Translation: I’m not going to accomplish any of these things in a reasonable timeframe.

But, in the meantime, the critters have, as mentioned, twitterz and instagrams:

Twitter: furklemptX4 (because furklempt was already taken WHO HAS STOLEN MY VERY CLEVER MONIKER???)

Instagram: furklempt (because apparently my evil brain twin doesn’t do photos)

And now that I’ve told you that, I should warn you that I found the entire ordeal of creating accounts so exhausting that there is one post on each platform and now I need a nap. So maybe expect things tomorrow. Or next week.