Furklempt — the state of being overwhelmed by critters.

I am furklempt. These are the tales of how I came to be that way. Many of them involve poop. Also, running.


2 responses

  1. NW! So delighted that you are still keeping up the Blog of the Unspeakable Pun because I was beginning to think I’d lost the last remaining link by which to find you, as we all slowly drift away on the inexorable redshift of cyberspace. (In other words, turns out it’s harder than you’d think to shed wacky acquaintances from past lives (*grin*). Don’t mean to be a cyber stalker or anything, but would love to catch up sometime. Inter alia, there’s a long convo about Cassie Clare we still need to have… You can find me in the old haunts, or look up December Wynne on fb. My old email address still works too (does yours???). Love the kitty pix btw!

  2. Oh and…please delete the above dippy comment when you’ve read it, so it doesn’t sit on your home page forever!!!! It would be helpful if things like this would self-destruct like in Mission Impossible.

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