Conversation with Karmann


Karmann: Mom. Mom we have to talk.

Me: Yes?

Karmann: You know I have Addison’s, right? 

Me: I am aware.

Karmann: Right. Yeah. I know cause I was there when the vet told you.

Me: Indeed you were.

Karmann: I was also there when she told you that any kind of stress–happy exciting stress or bad scary stress–would likely require a bolus of Prednisone SO WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!???

Me: I–wha-??

Karmann: You took me to the vet on Thursday and I was both excited and nervous so I became a total spaz over the weekend and where was my bolus? Mom! Where was my bolus?

Me: But you’ve been doing so well managing stress that I didn’t even–

Karmann: Out! Take me out! My intestines have yet more mucuos I need to evacuate! YOU DID THIS. 

(Take Karmann outside, wander futilely as she sniffs around, uncomfortable. After 10 minutes, return to the house.)

Me: Awwwwww, Nut. I’m sorry.

Karmann: You did this. Shape up.

Me: 😟

Karmann: Oh hey, and before you go back downstairs, I just want you to know–when you accidentally gave me Cal’s Trazadone? And I was stoned all day? And you laughed?

Me: Yeah, I am REALLY sorr–

Karmann: I remember. Just know that. I remember.