I Done Ran for Critters



Yesterday, I achieved my goal of running a half marathon without dying AND I surpassed my fundraising goal for the Animal Rescue League. Happy days!

We won’t discuss how I’m probably going to lose a toenail just in time for dedicated flip flop season, or how I was earnestly wishing for death around mile 12. We won’t even discuss the Achilles injury that arose 12 days before race day and threatened to sideline me, only to subside juuuuuuust enough that it made the last 9 miles of the run extra miserable. I will refrain from describing the uncharitable thoughts I had toward the shoes sales guy who convinced me that a pair of Nikes would actually be wide enough for my Flintstone feet.

No. We won’t discuss any of those things. But I will mention that, even in my present, bandaged-toe, please-don’t-make-me-move-mr.-firefighter-just-let-the-house-burn-down-around-me levels of soreness, the race itself was a blast, and I plan to do it again. So if you don’t want to be harassed for another donation this time next year, make a note in your calendar to change your email address by March.

And so for the relevant bit . . .

My campaign raised $750 (of an initial $500 goal) for the Animal Rescue League.

[pause for applause and general whooping]

My donors kick some serious ass, y’all, and to each of them I extend my heartiest thank you.

Donations will be accepted until June 15, but so far the ARL’s total haul is more than $102,000. Which is epic and awesome and killer and just SO FREAKING GREAT. That’s a lot of medical care, food, low cost spay/neuter, and adoption preparation for some very deserving domestic critters, not to mention care and rehabilitation for wounded wildlife. I am so glad to have been a part of their fundraising, and so appreciative of the friends, family, and anonymous internet strangers who contributed to my campaign.

I am a Runner of Steel: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

I am a Runner of Steel without a margarita in her hand on Cinco de Mayo: WTF???



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