Squishable Sunday


Things I learned this week

1. Sleep is awesome (confirmed.)

2. Karmann does, in fact, have Addison’s

3. Running after eating half your body weight in andouille sausage is a BAD IDEA. Unless of course you think you might need to direct someone to your location, in which case you could tell them to follow the smell of sausage and sweat. I personally prefer GPS or even cross streets.

4. Using an untested trail system, with reviews stressing how awful the blazing is, is probably never going to yield the type of long run you’re aiming for.

5. Kittens are adorable sleepers (confirmed.)


One response

  1. hahahaha. Love it. And to think I never realised PFE had a real name! (I mean, if I’d thought about it for six seconds I would have but, hey, amazingly short attention span for someone who writes at such length — then again, maybe that’s why: it’s like someone with a very short stride trying to keep up on a treadmill….)

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