I’ma Do What Now?


It’s currently in the 40s and pouring rain. This evening, there will be snow. Again. Tomorrow it will be 7F when I wake up. Yesterday it was almost 70 and gloriously sunny. Last week the temp was in the single digits. Schmoopie salted the driveway after an ice storm, which is more than most people do with their sidewalks around here.

And through it all, I have been running.

I’ve also been bitching a lot. About running.

Three runs ago, on a damp, warmish day, I believe I may have elevated chub rub to its zenith. I also had an asthma attack. And I dropped my new phone in the middle of the street.

But I finished the run. Admittedly, I finished it walking, wheezing, and bitching about my phone, but I did finish. I did not stop at the park and have a rest and call Schmoopie for an emergency extraction, even though I really, really wanted to.

Why? Why am I doing this?

Because: critters.

In far, far too few days (54) I will be running my first half marathon to benefit The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center, because critters are awesome and they deserve to be cared for and they deserve homes and the Animal Rescue League does all that, and more, for them. So I figured that I would put my otherwise very futile and first-world toil to some good use and attempt to raise money for a great organization.

All of my critters are rescues:

Mort was a born into a litter of barn kittens taken in by a cat rescue in Connecticut.

"I have no idea what any of this has to do with me."

“I have no idea what any of this has to do with me.”

Nigel belonged to someone at some point, but found himself on the streets of Ledyard, CT with nobody to claim him.

"13.1 miles? Is that further than the distance between the nibbly bowl and the couch. Because: exhausting"

“13.1 miles? Is that further than the distance between the nibbly bowl and the couch? Because: exhausting.”

Karmann was kept in a kennel in the puppy and kitten room of the saddest shelter I’d ever seen in Liberty County, GA. She’d been there for months.

"I love my zoomies, but I think you're getting a little carried away, mom."

“I love my zoomies, but I think you’re getting a little carried away, mom.”

Calvin showed up in our Augusta, GA exurb with dozens of his closest tick friends, a stomach full of twigs, and a bullet hole in his chest.

"This whole thing makes me nervous."

“This whole thing makes me nervous.”

Mortimer and Karmann both benefitted from the care and protection of animal shelters. Nigel and Cal could have used those services. I can only do so much without inviting divorce, which is why I am so thankful for the work done by places like the Animal Rescue League. They make it possible for people to help and care for animals without having to open up a private kennel in their backyard, or foster every injured, sad critter that turns up at their doorstep. The Animal Rescue League provides care and food and protection; they unite critters in need of homes with people in need of critters. They stay open 24 hours at a time during frigid winter spells so that no creature needs to freeze to death in the street. They rehabilitate wildlife.

They are awesome; I am one person who really doesn’t like running all that much but digs a challenge. Let’s make this weird partnership work out for the Animal Rescue League, shall we?

If you’re interested in donating, my Crowdrise fundraising page is HERE

If you can, please give.

If you can’t give money . . . Give me ALL THE MENTAL SUPPORT. On May 4, from wake-up until about noon, just send a steady stream of mental “KELLEY DO NOT DIE. DO NOT DIE.” vibes in my general direction. That will cost you nothing and may save my life. Karma points!

Every Sunday, I will post a brief update here, about how awful that week’s running has been. I will try to make it entertaining, if anyone would like to keep up with the progress of the person they may be funding and/or mentally willing not to perish.

I give unto you each All of the Thank Yous!


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