*Sad Trombone*


Poor Puppy Karmann was doing so well yesterday–she slept comfortably, didn’t poop herself to near death, and her eye looked comfortable and, well, good. For an eyelid held together with sutures. And then this morning she woke up giving me pirate face and the eye was all red and angry looking and, after a brief while, she started rubbing it on all the things. So, as instructed in these circumstances, I phoned the vet–which, at this point, is rather like phone-a-friend, or phone-your-ma for the frequency with which I do it. They told me to bring her in because sometimes the sutures need to be trimmed on account they are poking the dog’s eyeball repeatedly . . . And then I was too busy gagging and becoming lightheaded to listen to any more because holy hell, I am squeamish about eyeballs.

I think it’s cause they’re squishy.



Hoo boy.

By the time I got her out to the vet for an afternoon appointment, Houdini of the Eyelids had managed to almost completely remove the sutures. And the vet couldn’t re-tie it without causing her great discomfort in her waking state, nor could she trim it, because Karmann had magically worked the knot toward the end of the suture tail. So she’s been stuffed into a cone of shame until Monday, when the sutures will be removed a full week and a half ahead of schedule because my puppy don’t need no stinking sutures. Apparently.


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