It’s Impressionist Photo Friday! (YAAAAaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy)


By which I mean, “it’s a day for really awful photos of an adorable kitten napping adorably beneath a giant aluminum model of the Concorde as though he might be dreaming of travel and you can superimpose a little old timey travel case on the floor beneath him and also the photo is made somewhat worse and more pretentious by the application of a silly filter because camera phone shake is so bad when you have to zoom–which you totally have to, to avoid interrupting the adorable kitten’s adorable travel dreams so why not with the filter because the point is that Mortie is just adoorrrrrrrrrrrable and it’s a choose-kitten’s-adventure photo anyway so it’s ok if it’s merely suggestive and not actually, you know, good, or even identifiable”

Awwwwww Mortie!



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